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April Fool’s Day has its lovers and its haters. 1st April is the day to send someone on a “fool’s errand” looking for something that doesn’t exist, playing pranks and trying to get people to believe ridiculous things.

Those of you that know us know, that in the Poynt N Shoot for business team we LOVE a prank! What we love looking at more is the clever April Fool’s marketing campaigns that companies undertake. We had the Left Handed Whopper from Burger King, the White Lions in London, and the spaghetti harvest in southern Switzerland. All brilliant ways to engage the audience and positively impact business results.

Poynt N Shoot photo booth marketing campaigns are available on April Fool’s and every other day of the year as well. The three lasting results of running a photo booth marketing campaign are:

  1. Building your brand personality – on and offline

Every brand has a crafted a style or image that they use to represent them to their customers. Lots of careful consideration goes into understanding who the customers are, the industry, the product, and the expected results. Often though brands forget about the personalities behind the business, they often miss out the fun. Running a photo booth marketing campaign will highlight your brands sense of fun, humour, personality and you will connect with your desired customers in a far more engaging way

  1. Get their attention

You are fighting through the clattering of on and off line marketing to be heard by your audience. You need innovative ways to engage your audience AND interact with them. Ultimately you want them to experience what you do and tell you what they think in order to continue adding value to their lives. If you can get their attention is a way that interrupts the normal flow of their day using photos, videos across social media then you will get and keep their attention

  1. Let you brand ambassadors do the talking

Your job is to sell and because of characters like the lovely ‘Max Branning’ from Eastenders we are naturally very wary of being sold to. A photo booth marketing campaign allows your customers to act as brand ambassadors for you. They will tell the camera what they think and you can use the video clips and photos to tell other people how great your product really is. The words of a satisfied customer are far more powerful than a sales pitch will ever be.

We hope you didn’t get pranked too badly yesterday. If you did then do let us know about it @poyntnshoot

To find out more about photo booth marketing campaigns you can take a look here. (hyperlink to )

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