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This month’s blog post I dedicated to the tiniest member of the Poynt N Shoot family – Ella Murray.

This week Ella, who is 1 today, took part in an awesome cake smash photo shoot. We had so much fun and sooooo much mess! It was really great. They say you shouldn’t work with animals or children and although we did have a few tears (confused tears mainly) we had a really great time.

One thing we learnt from the cake smash is that doing something outside of the normal parameters of what your business does is often extremely rewarding. Promoting your business in an unconventional way (Guerilla Marketing) has proven time and time again to snatch the audience’s attention from the hub bub of other stuff being thrown at them at any one second. You need high energy and imagination to make a guerrilla marketing campaign work for you. Unlike typical marketing unconventional public marketing campaigns use a selection of techniques or practices in order to establish direct contact with customers and cause a strong emotional reaction.

What plans do you have to think outside of the norm? When was the last time that your business did something it doesn’t always do? In our experience a well-crafted, imaginative, and fun message splashed in a creative way is one of the best ways to smash the competition.

Thank you Ella – already teaching us great things! J

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