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How many times has someone asked you for feedback in an email, sent you a link to an online survey, or asked you to send them a review and you have forgotten or it has fallen to the bottom of your priority list?

If you are anything like us here at Poynt N Shoot photo booth HQ, in a very wet and rainy Milton Keynes, then the answer will be “all the time”. It isn’t because we don’t want to feedback it is because time fly’s past so quickly these days that we have moved onto to the next thing so quickly, by the time we come back to the email it is too late. We suspect that most of our community suffer with the same inbox challenges as we do; if you are suffering, so are your customers.

How then can you capture feedback from your customers in a way that is more convenient and engaging for them, and more valuable to you?

Poynt N Shoot Survey Kiosk is a portable survey pod that can be installed into any type of event. The pod is a private pod that a visitor can step into, shut the curtain and leave their honest and open feedback. The beauty of capturing the visitor in the live environment is that they are there now, they are wrapped in your experience right now, they are enjoying what you do now – it makes sense that NOW is the time to ask them what they think – doesn’t it?

With the ability to capture video clip feedback, data such as email addresses, multiple choice responses, and text entry the Poynt N Shoot survey kiosk is taking the UK events industry by storm. Powered by the latest in Apple Mac technology and presenting a simple to use touch screen function your customer survey can ask up to 10 killer questions to your audience, on the spot in the live event environment. The flexibility of our portable survey booths means you can use it anywhere – retail, festivals, venues, exhibitions, conferences, product launches and many more.

After using a survey kiosk you will understand your customers. The results are obtained quickly on the spot instead of as an afterthought, after the event. Many of our clients use the results to further promote their businesses by sharing the video clip feedback on websites or social media platforms. The possibilities are endless.

Do you want to understand your customers better in order to improve the future of your business? Talk to us today to find out more (hyperlink to

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