Children’s Parties

Children’s parties take so much time and preparation to organise we understand just how important it is for you and your little one that the event is PERFECT!

Poynt N Shoot has supplied our specially designed miniature photo booth to hundreds of children’s parties over the last 3 years. It is smaller in height than an adults photo booth which allows children aged from 2 to 13 to use it with ease. For the really tiny ones we can supply a box to make them a little taller so they do not miss out on the fun.

We know that the theme of the party has been thought about for hours and every detail has been chosen especially to work with that theme. Poynt N Shoot can work with any theme you have to create professional, gorgeous photos of your little ones and their hero or theme.

Do they want to be a Pirate, a Superhero, in Frozen, a Minion, in the jungle, or around the world. Because keeping your guests and little one happy is so important to us we will work with the theme they choose. Just let us know your ideas and we will make it happen!


No Birthday party or Bar Mitzvah is complete without a Money Grabber. A light hearted competition between friends to see who can collect the most pound notes. Step into our whirlwind machine and use the time wisely to get ahead in the competition. Our booth attendants will run a full competition and keep note of all scores and names until the winner is announced at the end.

Our money grabber competition package is just £250 for 3 hours. We can also supply ‘funny money’ for just £10 a pack.