Night Clubs

  • Xstatic Summer Festival
  • Bofest
  • Global Energy Weekender
  • Run To The Sun
  • HTID Weekender
  • Uproar
  • Passion
  • Slinky

Having worked with some of the biggest names in the UK festival and nightclub scene Poynt N Shoot nightclub photo booths are perfect for added experience for your revellers whilst adding value to your marketing mix.

Your booth visitors can have their photos taken or record video diary room clips. What better way to show their friends what an awesome time they are having than to take home a 6×4 fully branded instant print from a Poynt N Shoot Night Club Booth as well as share it across social media to really show off to their friends. With space to fit up to 10 adults, the night club photo booth will really add to the overall experience for your guests. The video diary room clips can easily be used as video testimonials across social media platforms to promote future events.

The best part for you though is that every photo and video we capture can be shared across social media. We can upload to our accounts or directly to yours. Once a visitor has been in the booth they are encouraged to find their photo online and naturally they will like, tag and share which increases the outreach of your event across the web. Everything can be wrapped in your brand messaging from the external panels and design of the booth through to the photo merchandise we can produce such as keyrings or magnets. Everything the booth visitor experiences will enhance your brand.

Every time we take a photo or capture a video clip the following will happen:

  • Data Capture – we will invite guests to enter their email in order to receive their photo electronically. They agree to an opt-in data list for future marketing at this time.
    Social Media – Guests can find their images on a Facebook Gallery in order to tag, like and share.
  • Hashtag Link Up – If you have an event hashtag our software can consolidate all photos uploaded with that hashtag from Twitter & Instgram anywhere at your event and add them to your booth gallery.
  • Everything can be wrapped in your brand messaging to further cement the brand experience, internal screens, external paneling we work to create the perfect booth for you.

Find out more about how we can also add a survey booth into the event to better understand your audience by visiting our survey booth page.

You can now use our Hashtag printing service. If you dedicate a Hashtag for your Event, we can consolidate all photos that are uploaded from phones throughout the event and uploaded to Instagram or Twitter into your Event gallery. They will be altogether in one easily accessible online gallery.