Remember your brand goes further than you do!

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It has been a great year full of all kinds of events, exhibitions, conferences, proms, weddings, big number birthdays including a 90th birthday. One of the most exciting developments for us this year has been the introduction of Insta-net (hyperlink to insta-net video).

Insta-Net is a tool that is part of your photo booth but it can search the web for any photo tagged with a dedicated hashtag and add it to your photo albums. In simple terms what this means is that everyone with a camera phone and Instagram or Twitter has just become your eyes on the ground! Any time anyone at your event uploads a photo with your hashtag you will receive it into your album. An album that you can print from but more interesting a photo that you can offer up to the social media world for sharing, tagging, liking and more! Insta-net seems complex but is really easy for you to take advantage of. We would love to talk more about it with you. Get in touch with us to find out how Insta-net can increase your social media outreach.

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