Social Sharing Pod

Keep it social and get your customers involved!

A Poynt N Shoot Social Sharing Pod is designed to give you and your event the very best exposure on the web. Using our Insta Net software we can not only capture images from the booth we are able to link remotely to anyone that has uploaded photos using your event hashtag and draw these images down into one consolidated photo album for you.

Make the most of the power of social sharing by having a social sharing pod at your next event!

The best part for you though is that every time we take a photo or capture a video clip the following will happen:

  • Data Capture – we will invite guests to enter their email in order to receive their photo electronically. They agree to an opt-in data list for future marketing at this time.
    Social Media – Guests can find their images on a Facebook Gallery in order to tag, like and share.
  • Hashtag Link Up – If you have an event hashtag our software can consolidate all photos uploaded with that hashtag from Twitter & Instgram anywhere at your event and add them to your booth gallery.
  • Everything can be wrapped in your brand messaging to further cement the brand experience, internal screens, external paneling we work to create the perfect booth for you.

Find out more about how we can also add a survey booth into the event to better understand your audience by visiting our survey booth page.