The most romantic day of the year!

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We can hear the shrieks and excitement of newly engaged brides across the land from our photo booth HQ here in sunny Milton Keynes. The most romantic day of the year has passed and literally millions of couples all over the world have committed to a life-long partnership together. CONGRATULATIONS!

If you are one of the lucky couples planning to tie the knot the next months and years are going to fly by and feel like a roller coaster. We thought we would share our experience and the experience of our customers with you to share the top four things you need to do now that you are engaged!

  1. Call your family, friends, neighbours, university pals, colleagues, and anyone else that you know

Shout it from the roof tops! Trust me you will want to show off the sparkly ring finger and tell the whole world you are going to be married. Be warned though, no-matter how tempting it is to fit your amazing news into 140 characters, tweeting is a frowned upon method of communicating the big news!

  1. Imagine, day dream, make a scrap book

As much as we are told not to day dream throughout school and work actually you won’t be able to help but imagine what your big day will be like. Will you have a big dress? What colour scheme will you choose? Can you afford the wedding of your dreams and if not how will you make it happen? So many questions, so many ideas. Our advice is to create a scrap book, cut up magazines, scribble notes, and draw sketches of what is in your head. That way you can keep track and you won’t forget about the amazing laser cut confetti with your names on that you want for your table.

  1. Get saving

Getting married in the UK, or abroad it doesn’t matter. It is going to take a reasonable size chunk of cash to make it all happen. Even those thrifty bargain hunters find that they need to save up a pot of pennies to keep things running smoothly. There are banks that run wedding accounts or you can opt for the old fashioned way of buying a piggy bank.

  1. Chill out and have fun

It is really easy to lose sight of what is important when you are up to your eyes in bridesmaids dresses, shoes, hair, suits, venues, hotels, food, wine, transport and so on and on and on! Just remember that you are getting married to the person you love and THAT is ultimately the thing that matters the most! Try to make time especially on the lead up to the wedding, for ‘non-wedding’ time. Spend time together, enjoy each other and try not to let things get on top of you!

Good luck & Congratulations.

You can find out more about how we can help you with your wedding here .

Happy Planning!

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