The sun is shining!

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Not only is July the birthday month for our commander and chief (dogsbody), the sun is shining, the birds are singing and wedding season is in full swing. We have been having some awesome fun with all of our brides and grooms this summer but something we haven’t told you guys much about is the children’s entertainment that we get involved with at weddings and other events.

Themed parties are so popular these days – Frozen, Tangles, Minions, Super Heroes, Princess, Pirates – the list goes on. Are you planning a themed party for a child?

Well were at a charity event this week and we spoke to all of the children there; of which there were loads; and they tell me that their favourite theme option in the children’s party photo booth is the immersive minions. What is immersive minions I hear you cry?

Immersive green screen is where you or your children can step into a photo and become part of the image. Take a look at this (hyperlink to minions photos) to see what we mean. You are not in front of the background you are in the background. Just like when they jump into Dick Van Dykes chalk picture in Mary Poppins! The immersive green screen is so much fun and the best thing is we can run lots of different themes at the same time – there is something for everyone.

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